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Cavemen AND Cowboys Smoke Their Turkey – Part II

“SANTA CAME!!!!!!” was the exclamation that jolted me from peaceful slumber.  I knew it was coming — just a matter of time really — and it was still shocking.  At least the sun was up though. In order for the timing to work out, the turkey needed to be off the grill at 4 o’clock. … Continue reading »

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Cavemen AND Cowboys Smoke Their Turkey — Part I

Ok, I didn’t make my turkey on Thanksgiving because we went to a friend’s house. Mrs. RocksandLogs made these Maple-Bourbon Sweet Potatoes and they were great with all the other fixins! Thanksgiving leftovers are fantastic so I still had to make a turkey.  I did two last year, and I’ll likely do a couple more this … Continue reading »

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Fire! Caveman need fire!

So when I sit on my back porch and the sun goes down, just turning on the lone porch light makes the ambiance seem… lame. So what do? Christmas lights helped – I just ran them under the porch and it made a nice change.  Not quite a fire pit and/or tiki torches, but it … Continue reading »

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The Start of Some Fun

Welcome to Rocks and Logs! This is my blog covering a wide range of subjects being of interest to cavemen on up through the cowboys (cavewomen and cowgirls are just as welcome). Who are the cavemen and the cowboys?  Well, I might say it’s simply the sides of us all that want to be wild, … Continue reading »

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