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Fire! Caveman need fire!

Posted by on December 2, 2012

So when I sit on my back porch and the sun goes down, just turning on the lone porch light makes the ambiance seem… lame.

So what do? Christmas lights helped – I just ran them under the porch and it made a nice change.  Not quite a fire pit and/or tiki torches, but it IS cheaper and a solution…

But I still needed fire!  The fire pit is on hold at the moment, so that means tiki torches.  Months ago, I saw pictures of folks making tiki torches out of wine bottles and I thought, “cool idea.”

Well I happen to really love bourbon, so I made a modification.

Over at this website I found the how-to.

Everything I needed was at the local home store (except the bourbon) and took very little time to assemble.

I did things a little different because I wanted a free-standing torch, and the best thing I came up with was rebar.  I’m really happy with how it came out!

Waiting for the paint to dry on the rebar (6 foot length) was the longest part in order to ensure that the paint didn’t get messed up.

The last thing for me to do was pick a spot for the tiki.  I did and now I have ambiance on a stick — very caveman!

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